Area Service


The ASC and its subcommittees meet at:

Meeting ID: 952 7936 9079
Password is 1953

Dial in to the Area Zoom Meeting
(646) 558-8656 : Meeting ID 952 7936 9079
+16465588656,,93026843047# US

Border City Hose Company
3000 Fallbrook Rd
Geneva, NY 14456

Files, forms, guidelines, and minutes

2021 FLASCNA Guidelines Project Page

Area Service Committee
2nd Sunday -10AM

In the Spirit of Love Committee
1st Sunday – 9AM (Zoom)

Activities and Events Committee
1nd Sunday – 11:00AM (Zoom)

Literature committee
2nd Sunday – 9AM

Ad-Hoc Guidelines Committee
1st and 3rd Fridays – 8PM

(Inactive) Public Relations Committee
2nd Sunday -2PM

(Inactive) Hospitals And Institutions
2nd Sunday – 1PM or after ASC

(Inactive) Group Service Forum
2nd Sunday – 8AM

(Inactive) Outreach Committee
2nd Sunday- Approx 2:30PM

Service is not a position in a committee; it is a posture in the heart. It’s a way of life we can practice in all our affairs. It can be as simple as holding a door open, or as complicated as helping a loved one in the last stages of life. Our relationship to service and the way we express it changes as our humility deepens. The desire to serve is a manifestation of freedom from self. Anonymity is a key principle in selfless service. When we learn to give selflessly, in service to those who suffer and to a power greater than ourselves, we find happiness, purpose, and dignity.
Living Clean- The Journey Continues “Being of Service PG.242

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