For Professionals

If you would like to be added to or mailing lists of Meeting lists as they are updated every 3 months, please contact us. If you have other needs or requests please contact us  and indicate them in your email.  Such as:

  • I want an NA meeting in my facility
  • I would like a presentation about NA
  • I need NA literature for my facility
  • I would like to refer clients to your meetings
  • I would like information on NA events

Here are Some of the Readings we Use in our Meetings…

Do you have any posters I can hang up in my facility?

Please be our guest and download and print as many of these posters as you like.  Newcomers to recovery need to have as many resources as possible to stay clean.  The more frequently they are reminded that Narcotics Anonymous is there to help, the more likely they are to reach out and have a chance a new way of life for years to come. Our new poster will be available soon! Stay tuned!

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