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Information About Narcotics Anonymous

Although certain traditions guide its relations with other organizations, Narcotics Anonymous welcomes the cooperation of those in government, the clergy, treatment and healthcare professions, criminal justice organizations and private voluntary organizations. NA’s non-addict friends have been instrumental in getting Narcotics Anonymous started in many countries and helping NA grow worldwide.

NA strives to cooperate with others interested in Narcotics Anonymous. Our more common cooperation approaches are: providing contact information, disseminating recovery literature, and sharing information about recovery. Additionally, NA members are often available to provide presentations for treatment centers and correctional facilities, offering information about the NA program to the professional staff and sharing with addicts otherwise unable to attend community-based meetings.

The Finger Lakes Area of Narcotics Anonymous cooperates with professionals and organizations, by providing information about recovery through the NA Fellowship. Additionally, NA members are often available to make panel presentations in educational facilities, treatment centers and correctional facilities as well as other public venues. We also make Narcotics Anonymous literature available for sale to professionals and facilities.

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