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We always need Volunteers to help take calls  Even a little 3 hour slot to answer and help an addict  find a meeting is a big help.


The Finger Lakes Area of NA Helpline is an automated phone system that provides callers with recorded information about NA meeting schedules and other NA services as well as to be able to connect directly to a NA Helpline volunteer. Callers will have a push button choice of options to receive information about NA or talk to a volunteer of the NA Helpline. Callers can listen to messages to find out meeting times and locations,hear recorded information about the NA program.

The Helpline’s objectives are:

1. Our primary objective is to get the addict to a meeting

2. Convey that the NA program works.

3. We were once suffering ourselves and now we are clean and in recovery

4. We care and are willing to help

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The purpose of the Finger Lakes Area NA Helpline is first and foremost a public relations opportunity. Each Helpline volunteer as well as the recordings themselves either directly or indirectly represent Narcotics Anonymous. The more accurate the information we provide, and the more courteous and professional our direct interaction is with the individual caller, the more our reputation is enhanced. Conversely, the more inaccurate our information, and the less professional our conversation, the more our reputation is tarnished.

NA Helpline volunteers are the voice of Narcotics Anonymous each time one of us picks up the phone. This responsibility, and ultimately this gift, should be taken with great care and gratitude for what we have been given. We are all humbled by our fellowship’s willingness to be of service.

Helpline Orientation Packet (Printable PDF)

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